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Inspired Idiots: Guess Which 1920s Technology Congress is Mandating?

Did you hear about the newest vehicle safety feature that Congress wants to mandate? It’s not some AI sensor system, or even a newfangled airbag. Nope. In the minds of literally several hundred lawmakers (from both parties!) the most essential safety feature that should be in your vehicle is… AM

Why Saudi Arabia’s futuristic city is a sign of major inflation to come

Did you hear about the new streamlined tourist visa to Saudi Arabia? I’m sure you’re standing in line for it already. No? Me neither. I was actually stationed in Saudi Arabia for a while when I was in the Army… and, the most unique ‘tourist’ attraction, at least for non-Muslims,

Get ready to pay 50% more for your vehicle

You probably heard the news: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently finalized new vehicle emissions regulations that essentially force Americans into buying electric vehicles. The actual published regulation is 1,181 pages long… because, that’s what the US economy needs– a thousand more pages added to the 200,000+ existing pages in

I guess Nancy Pelosi shorted Apple stock…

Rejoice, America, the federal government is FINALLY going to step in and fix the biggest problem of our time. Naturally I’m not talking about the border. Or inflation. Or the national debt. Or America’s waning geopolitical power. Or the looming insolvency of Social Security. Or rising crime. Or the broken

The easiest way to get the world’s 6th best passport

On June 5, 1947, US Secretary of State George Marshall gave the commencement speech at Harvard University. This was just two years after the end of World War II, and in this speech, he first proposed giving $12 billion (approximately $170 billion in 2024 dollars) in economic assistance to help

“It looks like fly sh*t to me. . .”

I’m on my way back home from Mexico City after an incredible weekend event here with more than 100 of our Total Access members. First things first, if you’ve never been to Mexico City, I highly recommend it. A lot of people have a misconception that the city is some

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