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Gold will soon displace the US dollar, and Americans are missing out

Next month will mark 80 years since the US dollar was formally anointed as the world’s reserve currency. It was July 1944. And with the war in Europe near its denouement, governments were already trying to plan what the postwar world would look like. Most urgently, they needed to figure

The End of Legitimacy

On August 4, 2017, the most hated person in the world was sentenced to seven years in prison. You may remember the case: his name is Martin Shkreli. Shkreli had quite infamously taken over a pharmaceutical company and jacked up the price of a medication by 50x, practically overnight. Media

Would you pay €1 for this house?

In 2007, Giuseppe Ferrarello found himself facing a monumental challenge as the newly-elected mayor of Gangi, Italy — an incredibly picturesque yet dwindling town nestled in the mountains of Sicily. Like many rural communities across Italy and beyond, the village of Gangi was grappling with depopulation and economic decline. Once

Where the price of oil is just $15/barrel

In the year 1712, an English ironworker and part-time Baptist preacher named Thomas Newcomen finally put the finishing touches on a new invention that had been more than a century in the making. Newcomen called it the ‘atmospheric engine’, and it was essentially a very crude, rudimentary steam engine that

Why are foreign countries’ borders always the priority?

This morning Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Yolanda Diaz, released an announcement to “celebrate that Spain recognizes Palestine State. . . [which] will be free from the river to the sea.” This comes on the heels of her boss, the Prime Minister of Spain, announcing formal recognition of Palestine as a

The Fed is already insolvent. Here’s how we think this plays out

On Tuesday, September 15, 1992, the two most powerful financial officials in the British government held an urgent meeting that night to review their plan for when the markets opened the next morning. The tone of the meeting must have felt frantic… even desperate… because the value of the British

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